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NUTRI-BIND   produce durable and high quality pellets



Great pellets and no sticky mess - A pellet binder cum conditioner to produce durable and high quality pellets with minimum energy cost and production expense.


Nutri-bind is a proprietary KILNED blend of ILLITES and Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate.


Improves mill performance by:

  • CONDITIONING - Nutri-bind improves performance by enhancing the nutural binding properties of feed through greater absorption and even distribution of moisture and heat from steam. This produces a better pellet by promoting more complete gelatinzation and denaturation of feed ingredients.
  • FEED BRIDGING - Nutri-Bind with more than 300 million microgranules per kg., has a superior ability to bridge ingredient particles together. This promotes durability and reduces roller slippage.
  • HIGH ABSORPTIVITY - Heat and moisture are evenly absorbed to promote better pelleting.
  • LOW DUST - With a dust index of only 1.7, 75% less than traditional pelleting aids, Nutri-Bind has the lowest rating.
  • SLAKING - The excellent slaking qualities of Nutri-Bind provide lubrication and lengthen die life.
  • Improves pellet binding & quality.
  • Lowers the amperage and energy cost.
  • Improves production rates.
  • Reduces friction by lubricating the die.
  • Binds 95% toxin.
  • Non hygroscopic material for improved handling.

On an average 2.5 kg. Nutri Bind is added per MT of finished mesh for pelleting.


25 kg. HDPE bags.







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