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ZERO STRESS   Total Stress Prevention programme & immunity enhancer.



Concept of synergistic effect of iodine, vitamin-c, and natriam treated sucrose for protection of poultry and livestock from all kind of stresses.


A proprietary blend of VITAMIN-C and IODINE in NATRIAM treated granular sucrose base.



  • Reduces all kinds of stresses viz Transportation, Deworming, Debeaking, Handling etc.
  • Provides instant energy and refreshes the birds.
  • Improves liver and kidney functions.
  • Enhances immune response.
  • Chick arrival 25-50 gms. /litre of water for 12 hrs.
  • Prior to and after Handling/Transportation/Vaccination                  5-10 gms. /litre of water for 24 hrs.
  • Prior to and after debeaking 10-25 gms. /litre of water for 24 hrs.
  • At the first sign of Immuno-Suppression/Gumboro disease            50 gms. /litre water for 2 days followed by 25 gms./litre water for 2 days followed by 10 gms./litre water for 2 days followed by 5 gms./litre water for 1 day.








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