Harshvardhan's Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Animal Health, Nutrition And Technology — The New Dimensions

Commitment To Quality And Passion For Animals

We are an ethical, caring and understanding brand that works on providing high quality healthcare products and services for the veterinary industry. We operate worldwide with a commitment for research and development.

We Offer A Wide Array Of Products Aimed For Better Veterinary Care

Poultry Products

Ruminants Products

Our Company Mission Is To Help Animals That Can't Speak For Themselves.

  • Purpose-driven brand that focuses on being an animal welfare advocate
  • Strong research and development team
  • Transparent with our research to impact industry-wide supply chain
  • Quality driven products, delivered on time

We Are Just Not Saying It, Our Certificates Do That Talking As Well!

of total consumption
Solar Plant Generation

Our Manufacturing Plant Uses Solar Power To Prioritise Sustainability As A Brand.

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We Care

About our workforce

At HLPL, we give utmost importance to the health, safety and hygiene of our workforce. A congenial atmosphere combining work logic with the workers’ logic, strict adherence to safety & security procedures and compliance to the law of the land; make HLPL a happy family.

About our environment

Our unwavering commitment to the safety, EHS Policy and wellbeing of our environment manifests itself in the steps already taken at HLPL’s manufacturing facilities & offices.

About our customers

HLPL’s commitment to its customers is FINAL. We strive for timely compliances. Not only HLPL is able to meet all future demands of its customers with confidence but HLPL also has Alternative Manufacturing Arrangements to safe guard its valued customers against business interruptions of any kind. A BIG PLUS!!!