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Trace Mineral


Trace minerals are essential for poultry growth, reproduction, and disease resistance. They promote strong bones, healthy feathers, and a robust immune system.

Chelated Trace Minerals

Chelated trace minerals improve poultry’s ability to absorb and utilize minerals, resulting in better overall health and performance, including stronger immunity, improved growth, and increased egg production.

Toxin Binder/Mold Inhibitor

Toxin binders or mold inhibitors are substances used to reduce the presence of harmful mycotoxins or mold in feed for poultry, protecting the birds from the negative effects such as decreased growth and immunity, and improved feed efficiency.

Pellet Binder


Pellet binders are substances used to bind ingredients together to form a cohesive pellet, improving the handling and storage of feed for poultry. They also help to reduce feed waste and dust, resulting in improved feed efficiency and cost savings.



Acidifiers in poultry feed lower gut pH, promoting feed efficiency, reducing pathogenic bacteria, and improving nutrient absorption for better growth and health.



Electrolytes in poultry feed help regulate fluid balance and muscle function, aid in recovery from heat stress, transport stress and dehydration.


Herbal formulations in poultry feed are a blend of herbs and plant extracts to improve digestion, boost immunity and promote overall health, as a natural alternative to antibiotics.


Ammonia binders reduce the level of ammonia in poultry feed, improving bird health and productivity, reducing odors and respiratory issues for birds and workers.

Hygiene & Biosecurity Range

Hygiene and biosecurity products range from sanitizers to disinfectants, used to maintain a clean and safe environment, prevent the spread of disease, parasites, bacteria, and reduce contamination risk for poultry products.

Stress Relievers


Stress relievers in poultry feed help birds cope with stress, reducing negative effects on health and productivity, like reduced feed intake, decreased growth, and increased disease susceptibility.


Mineral Mixtures


Mineral mixtures for ruminants are blends of essential minerals for growth, development, and overall health, such as improved growth, weight gain, milk and meat production, reproductive performance and disease resistance.

Trace Minerals


Trace minerals are essential micro-nutrients for the proper growth, health, and immunity of ruminants. They are added to the feed to prevent deficiency-related problems such as poor growth, reproductive disorders, and reduced immunity.

Chelated Trace Minerals

Chelated trace minerals improve absorption and utilization in ruminants, leading to better health, growth, milk and meat production, and reproductive performance.

Liquid Calcium


Liquid calcium is a form of calcium supplement for ruminants added to feed or water, easily absorbed, quickly available and prevent/treat conditions such as milk fever, osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency.

Toxin Binder


Toxin binders in ruminant feed reduce harmful toxins like mycotoxins, protecting animals from decreased growth and immunity and improving feed efficiency.