About Us

Harshvardhan’s Labs has historically been known for providing the best veterinary care in the region.

Main Initiative

Harshvardhan’s Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was born out of a desire to help animals. When we found ourselves in the veterinary field, we knew that our skills could be put to good use on behalf of animals in need.

About Us

Harshvardhan’s Laboratories was founded in the year 1998 by Ravindra Bafna and has since become the go-to company for veterinary care. We are dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your animal’s needs, whether that means routine healthcare or nutritional care—and our team is here to help you navigate all of your options.

Our Vision

The natural way has always been HLPL’s way. Since its inception, HLPL’s nutritional products have led the way in providing natural and/or scientific solutions to a host of animal health and nutrition issues.

Our Solutions

Our strong team of driven professionals, expert animal nutritionists, skilled labour, and passionate management enables us to create products for Poultry, Ruminants, Aqua, Equine, and Companion Animals. We help you develop your products and enrich your customer’s experiences.

Our Oath

We aim to be the voice of numerous animals that can’t speak for themselves. Our products are made to ensure the right healthcare and nutrition for animals that deserve it. We are working with industry experts and support the ongoing research and development of animal welfare standards and transparency tools to be able to work for the improvement of animal welfare, not only in our supply chain — but within the entire industry.

Our Strengths

Harshvardhan’s Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is well represented in the Industry associations like CLFMA, INFAH (Indian Federation of Animal Health Companies), Institute of Animal Nutrition Society of India (ANSI) etc., also in the organizations engaged in national and rural development.

State of the Art Facilities

In house qualified team of experts

Strong Customer/Trade Support

Timely Compliances

Certifications (GMP//ISO)

Strong R&D


Twenty-Five years+ in making, many more to come!

Through relentless efforts & a holistic approach the family for two generations has continuously met the challenges of the market and the situation in general for the animal health industry, and strived to assess and anticipate trends to enable it to continue providing its associates with the finest and most efficient products or solutions that is possible to manufacture or produce.


Years of experience


Animals lives improved


Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishments.

Passed Global Audits of MNC’s

We have been audited by global standards for the last 23 years and we have repeatedly met the international standards of quality.

Prompt Trouble Shooting

Customer delight is paramount for us at Harshvardhan’s Laboratories. We have made it a habit to deliver on our promises.

Timely compliance with orders

Our team is committed and strict about our delivery times. The product quality and commitment is never compromised.

Recognition from customers

We are honoured to receive such recognition from our esteemed customers across the years.


Quality isn’t by chance, it’s delivered by people that are highly driven to deliver the best.

An effective values system aims to provide HLPL with many benefits, from committed and happy employees to the best possible relationships with vendors/suppliers and customers.

HLPL family consists of a fully dedicated, young & energetic team of Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Pharmacists, Analytical Chemists, Production Chemists, Ayurvedacharyas, Engineers and EHS officers etc. for providing professional services to the Animal Healthcare Industry.

By prioritizing EHS and employee health and wellbeing, HLPL is able to build strong relationships with its employees, suppliers, and customers, and to provide the highest quality services to the animal healthcare industry.

Animals deserve to be heard. 

Animals deserve to be heard. 

Animals deserve to be heard. 

Animals deserve to be heard. 

Animals deserve to be heard. 

Animals deserve to be heard. 

We Are Just Not Saying It, Our Certificates Do That Talking As Well!