Quality Is Everybody's
Responsibility At HLPL

Raw Material Testing

Choosing The Right Raw Material For Our Products

At HLPL, our commitment to quality products starts at the first step, procuring the raw material. Our strong team ensures that all the raw materials undergo a meticulous testing to ensure that the best raw materials are used to develop the products

Final Goods Testing

We Don't Stop Until Our Final Product Meets The Promised Quality

This step helps us test our products before we are able to send it out to the clients. This also aids us in quantifying our quality in terms of its authenticity and the quality of the product we are delivering.

Packaging Material Testing

Elegant, Understated, And Eye-Catching Packaging With Great Durability

Benefit from working with a one-stop-shop by partnering with us. With analytical and method development capabilities supporting our quality control facilities you can minimize disruption, transit times and costs with a provider than can provide your complementary services if required

Waste Material Recyling

Our Commitment To Our Planet Goes Beyond Energy, We Recycle Our Waste

With power, comes responsibility. We are aware of the environmental impacts the manufacturing process can have. Although, it's very important for us at Harshvardhan's Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. to have the same commitment to our planet as we have towards our customers. We recycle all of our waste materials and reuse them as much as we can.