A double strength calcium suspension blended with herbs

Liquid supplement of Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 with herbal extracts for better milk production, better metabolism and better bone densities.


  • Replenishes the daily loss of calcium thus maintains, optimum milk production.
  • Provides nutrition to fetus & animal for healthy pregnancy.
  • Increases fat percentage and S. N. F. of milk.
  • Ideal for improving fertility and breeding efficiency.
  • Helps in efficient utilization of absorbed nutrients to produce more milk.
  • Improves health & vigour.


Orally through feed or as drench.

Adult lactating animals:

  • 50-100 ml/day
  • 30-50 ml/day


  • 1 LTR
  • 5 LTR
  •  Customized range of calcium supplements in suspension, non-suspending and gel form is available at HLPL.